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Outpresso – Recycling your Nespresso capsules

Outpresso – Recycling your Nespresso capsules

Lim­ited quan­tities are still available. Out­presso allow you to punch out the cof­fee grounds from your used nespresso cap­sule for easy recy­cling. Comes in green, red & black.

$40 each, $70 for 2.  Cash and carry only.

How to use your Outpresso

1. Place OUTPRESSO on a flat, smooth surface (for example, a kitchen table).

2. Place the used capsule with the silver lid against the opening of the OUTPRESSO.

3. Press gently on the OUTPRESSO handle. The capsule will be properly aligned.

4. Then press harder on the handle so that the coffee grounds pop out.

5. Empty the coffee grounds into the trash or the compost container.

6. Put the empty aluminum capsule in with the normal aluminum recycling.



Here’s a video on how it works.